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YINCAE’S New Molded Underfill

 for Flip Chip Applications: MUF 158


(Albany, NY) 10/19/2017 – YINCAE Advanced Materials has recently developed a unique mold encapsulant: MUF 158. MUF 158 not only offers the performance of a mold encapsulant, but also includes many benefits found in traditional capillary underfills. MUF 158 can flow into small gaps, without the need for pressure, thus reducing stress to the component to ensure 100% process yield.


Molded underfills, such as MUF 158, allow manufacturers to eliminate steps in their process by combining the underfilling and over mold processes into a single step. Currently, with capillary underfills, process engineers are required to use underfill between the substrate and package and then use a mold compound to overmold the package. Mold underfill materials underfill and overmold the assembly with a single process, thus simplifying and accelerating the process. Mold underfills also do not create underfill fillets, thus providing additional flexibility to the designer engineers.


Aside from process advantages, MUF 158 also offers many material benefits as well. MUF 158 has a low CTE (2 – 3 ppm/K), very fine filler particles, and a high filler load. This makes MUF 158 ideal for flip chip applications as well as devices with very small gaps. Due to the fine filler particle sizes, MUF 158 and can eliminate the potential to trap voids.


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