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YINCAE’s New NC 256 Zero Residue Flux


(Albany, NY) August 19, 2019 – YINCAE is excited to announce that we have successfully developed a new No Clean Flux product -NC 256 with zero flux residue, excellent soldering wetting and eliminates the cleaning process.  NC 256 has been designed not only for wafer ball bumping and other ball bumping such as CSP, BGA, Flip chip and PoP (package on package), particularly for lead free applications, but also for flip chip, CSP, BGA and other advanced components attachment to eliminate cleaning process. During reflow there is no contamination on solder ball or the neighboring component. NC 256 can be screen or stencil printed, or dispensed onto the pads of component foot print or dipped onto solder ball of the components.


Using NC 256 can eliminate the cleaning process and is fully compatible with underfill.  To avoid the contamination from underfill, YINCAE SMT 158HA is recommended with NC 256 together because SMT 158HA has zero outgassing.  Using NC 256 and SMT 158HA together can eliminate cleaning completely.  NC 256 can be used for mass reflow process or rework process.



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