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 Frequently Asked Questions


Die Attach Adhesives


•Which die attach materials can be cured at low temperatures?

YINCAE DA 90 series die attach adhesives



•Which die attach materials can be cured quick?

Many YINCAE DA 150 series die attach adhesives cure within 15 minutes.



•Does YINCAE provide both conductive and insulating die attach material options?

Yes, the DA 90 and DA 150 series consist of both insulating and conductive die attach materials.



•What are the benefits of the DA 90 and DA 150 series die attach adhesives?

1. Low temperature cure option

2. Low temperature cure for high temperature applications (400°C)

3. Low induced stresses

4. Excellent mechanical resistance

5. High reliability

6. High temperature reflow



•What are the YINCAE TM series products?

TM series products are highly conductive solderable adhesives and can replace conductive adhesives, such as silver paste, or solder materials.



•What are the benefits of YINCAE TM series products?

1. Higher thermal conductivity compared to pure solder alloy

2. Lower process temperatures and high application temperatures

3. Eliminates outgassing issues

4. Eliminates cleaning processes

5. Self-filling and Self-leveling

6. Withstands harsh environments



•Are the products shown on your die attach tree the only materials available in this category?

We have many more options. The products shown on the tree are our most popular materials. Please contact us if you are looking for a material with specific properties.


We also have a brochure with additional information regarding our die attach materials available

on our website.



•Is more information (i.e. TDS, additional material options, brochures…) regarding YINCAE die attach materials available?

Yes, please contact us using one of the links provided below. We also have a brochure available on our website.



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