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 Frequently Asked Questions


Solder Joint Encapsulants


•What are solder joint encapsulant adhesives?

YINCAE solder joint encapsulant adhesives are epoxy based materials with a built-in flux function.


During reflow, solder joint encapsulant adhesives remove oxides allowing the solder joint to form, and encapsulate the solder joint in a 3D polymer network.



•What are the benefits of solder joint encapsulant adhesives?

1. Enhance solder joint strength

2. Improve device reliability

3. Eliminate underfill and the underfilling process

4. Eliminate electrical issues (dendrites, electro-migration…)

5. Eliminates cleaning processes

6. Lower costs



•How can solder joint encapsulant adhesives lower costs?

1. 100 % reworkable – eliminate scrap cost

2. Air reflowable – eliminate nitrogen cost

3. Lower material usage

4. Short manufacturing process – See comparison below

5. High process yield



                    Underfill Process                               Solder Joint Encapsulant Process























•Why is the reliability for solder joint encapsulant adhesives better than underfills?

Eliminate shrinkage factor generated by underfill (gap is filled with air when using solder joint encapsulants) – Less stress improves reliability



•Can solder joint encapsulants help eliminate head – in – pillow issues?

Yes, solder joint encapsulant products provide additional mechanical strength to solder joints to help mitigate the impact of warpage.



•Why can electro-migration issues be eliminated using YINCAE solder joint encapsulants?

Solder joint encapsulants encapsulate the solder joints after reflow to prevent dendrite formation.



•What is BP 256?

BP 256 is a ball bumping adhesives designed to enhance solder joint strength during ball bumping processes



1. Enhance solder bonding strength

2. Increase throughput

3. Eliminate additional cleaning steps

4. Eliminate underfilling process in SMT production

5. Reduce costs



•Is there more information BP 256 available?

A brochure specifically for BP 256 with more detailed information and reliability data is located on our website.



•Is more information (i.e. TDS, additional material options…) for YINCAE solder joint encapsulant products available?

Yes, please contact us for additional information





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