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 Frequently Asked Questions


Optoelectronic Materials


•Does YINCAE offer UV-curable lens bonding adhesives?

Yes, YINCAE LEN 66A / 66AL are colorless, fast, UV curable bonding adhesives for lens bonding applications.



•What are YINCAE UVA 88 series products used for?

YINCAE UVA 88A Series products are dual cure UV adhesives designed for optical device bonding applications.


YINCAE UVA 88E Series products are dual cure UV encapsulants designed for optical device bonding applications.



•What are YINCAE OF 66 Series products used for?

OF 66B/C are dual cure (Heat + UV) optical, fiber optic, and optoelectronic devices.



•What are YINCAE LCD 66 Series products used for?

YINCAE LCD 66F is a UV curable LCD end sealant offering low moisture absorption.


YINCAE LCD 66L is a UV curable, bio-compatible, optical bonding adhesive designed for LCD screen bonding applications.



•What are the benefits of YINCAE LEN 66 Series products?

1. Low thermal stress

2. High throughput

3. High process yield

4. High reliability

5. Excellent moisture resistance

6. Withstands harsh environmental conditions



•What are the benefits of YINCAE UVVA 88 Series products?

1. Low temperature cure

2. High process yield

3. High reliability

4. Excellent moisture and solvent resistance



•Does YINCAE offer a die attach adhesive(s) designed for optoelectronic applications?

Yes, DA 90UV



•Are the products shown on your optoelectronic tree the only materials available in this category?

We have many more options. The products shown on the tree are our most popular materials, Please contact us if you are looking for a material specific properties.



•Is more information (i.s. TDS, additional material options, brochures...) regarding YINCAE optoelectronic materials available?

Yes, please contact us for additional information.







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