BREAKING NEWS! YINCAE receives ISO 9001:2015 Certification

YINCAE Releases World's First Commerically Available Diamond Filled underfill ( Jan. 18/21)

YINCAE Releases A New Underfill Withstanding -273 Degree Celsius (Feb. 11/21)!


 Production Worker We're seeking a skilled and experienced Production Worker to join our team. The ideal candidate will have some mechanical and construction experience, excellent communication skills and a high degree of mechanical aptitude. The successful applicant will be responsible for operating production line equipment, finishing products. Primary responsibilities The Production Worker observe all safety and security requirements The Production Worker operates and monitors machines for product processing including assembly, chemical additions, extrusion, and packaging function The Production Worker completes required documentations. The Production Worker store goods and raw materials properly in our warehouse The Production Worker maintain work areas and equipment The Production Worker sustains a steady work pace and follows a schedule The Production Worker follow written procedures and work instructions Performs other duties as assigned Preferred Skills Has at least 2+ years production experience Good oral and written communication skills. Good organizational skills. Resident in New York Capital Region Prefer the candidate with maintenance experience Prefer the candidate has knowledge about Chemistry

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