BREAKING NEWS! YINCAE receives ISO 9001:2015 Certification

YINCAE Releases World's First Commerically Available Diamond Filled underfill ( Jan. 18/21)

YINCAE Releases A New Underfill Withstanding -273 Degree Celsius (Feb. 11/21)!


 Frequently Asked Questions



•Are you able to ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally at the end of each week.



•Since the products are temperature sensitive, how are you able to ship them?

We package the materials in thermal coolers with dry ice to help safeguard a below freezing temperature. We try to ship using next day delivery services to all domestic locations.

We try to ship using the fasted method on all international and domestic shipments.



•Does my country allow Dry Ice shipments?

See FedEx list of countries where Dangerous Goods services are available.



•How can I track my shipment?

You are provided with a tracking number to track your shipment for any customs delays. If you were not provided with a tracking number, please contact us to receive one.



•How can I help prevent a Clearance Delay for my shipment?

Please have the receiver ready to pay duties and taxes on a shipment if your country requires. YINCAE is not responsible for any duties or taxes accrued during a shipment.



•After I request a material, what is the lead time before shipment?

A two-week lead time is standard.


•What if I have an urgent request?

Please contact us to discuss.





International Shipping References:


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Please call 518.452.2880 or email with any additional questions about ordering & shipping materials.

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