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YINCAE Releases World's First Commerically Available Diamond Filled underfill ( Jan. 18/21)

YINCAE Releases A New Underfill Withstanding -273 Degree Celsius (Feb. 11/21)!


 Frequently Asked Questions


Conformal Coating Materials


•What are YINCAE UVC 88 Series conformal coating used for?

UVC 88F – designed for flexible substrates

UVC 88P – designed for rigid substrates

UVC 88G – biocompatible flexible hydrogel coating

UVC 88B – biocompatible flexible polymer coating



•What are YINCAE EMC coatings used for?

EMC 25 and 25A are designed for protect surfaces from electromagnetic interference and improve surface conductivity.



•What are YINCAE BF series coatings used for?

BF 90S and BF 150S are lid sealants designed to protect surfaces, such as: PCB, copper, ceramic, glass, or aluminum, from moisture, dust, chemicals and other harsh environmental conditions. BF 90S cures at 90°C while BF 150S cures at 150°C.



•What is NCF 25 used for?

NCF 25 is an anti-oxidation solderable coating designed to prevent corrosion and rust on metal surfaces, including nickel, steel, aluminum…, and solderable surfaces.


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