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YINCAE Releases World's First Commerically Available Diamond Filled underfill ( Jan. 18/21)

YINCAE Releases A New Underfill Withstanding -273 Degree Celsius (Feb. 11/21)!


Board Level Assembly
The YINCAE® SMT 256/SMT 266 Product Series is a family of microchip assembly and ball attachment adhesive products that are used to enhance solder joint reliability and eliminate solder joint cracking in CSP, BGA, flip chips and POP microchip applications. They remove metal oxide and allow individual solder joints to be formed, encapulated by 3-D polymer network. The resulting solder joint bond is 5 to 10 times stronger than that of conventional underfill. These products are specially engineered for use in lead-free, Sn/Pb and Sn/Bi processes. Several products are available in the series, each is formulated to meet specific product design parameters. The SMT 256 products are designed for dip or print applications, whereas the SMT 266 products are designed for automated jetting applications during assembly (and can also be brushed on during rework). A Dip Paste product with similar performance properties is also available. All products in this series provide a perfect solution for customers looking to strengthen the solder joint assembly and eliminate underfilling in a 100% reworkable manner. Product Application Notes
Data Sheets for YINCAE products available upon request

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