Optoelectronic Material

YINCAE’s LEN 66 series features one part, 100% solid, super-fast UV curable bonding adhesives. This series has been designed for lens attachment, protective window covers, and touch screens. Other applications include LED lamination and sealing, polarizer lamination, and touch screen bonding. After cure, LEN 66 products not only provide a bubble free optical coverage, high moisture resistance, and excellent weatherability, but also forms very flexible bonds, which can easily dissipate thermal stress from different C.T.E. substrates. Some highlights are:

• Quick Bonding

• Excellent Alignment

• Fast Throughput

• High Process Yield

• High Reliability

ProductProduct ApplicationCuring Conditions
DA 90UVDie attach adhesiveUV + Thermal
LCD 66FLCD end sealantUV
LCD 66LBio-compatible optical bonding adhesiveUV
LEN 66ALens attachment adhesiveUV
LEN 66ALLens attachment adhesiveUV
LEN 66BHose bonding adhesive70 -75°C
OF 66BOptical bonding adhesiveUV
OF 66COptical bonding adhesiveUV + Thermal (110°C)
SMT 88UOptical device underfillUV + Thermal (88°C)
SMT 158UCapillary flow underfill150°C
UVA 88AOptical device bonding adhesiveUV + Thermal (110°C)
UVA 88EOptical device encapsulantUV + Thermal (110°C)

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