conformal coatings

The YINCAE UVC 88 series features highly fluorescing, one part, 100% solid, dual cure acrylate polyurethane conformal coatings. They provide excellent chemical resistance, surface hardness, flexibility, and moisture resistance. After cure, these products provide excellent protection for all surfaces against dust, chemicals and harsh environmental factors. They also increase their biocompatibility and ability to retain relatively brilliant fluorescence, allowing coating inspection under UV light. The cure of shadow areas can be accomplished using a secondary heat cure.

ProductProduct ApplicationCuring Conditions
BF 90SLid sealant90°C
BF 150SLid sealant150°C
EMC 6Anti-corrosion and anti-rust coatingRT
EMC 6AAnti-corrosion and anti-rust coatingRT
EMC 25EMI shieldingRT or 60°C
EMC 25AEMI shieldingRT or 60°C
EMC 280Anti-corrosion and anti-rust coatingRT
NCF 25Anti-oxidation  solderable nano-coatingRT
UVC 88BBiocompatible coatingUV + Thermal (110°C)
UVC 88FConformal coatingUV + Thermal 110°C)
UVC 88GBiocompatible hydrogel coatingUV + Thermal (110°C)
UVC 88PConformal coatingUV + Thermal (110°C)

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