underfill materials

The YINCAE® SMT 158 capillary underfill is a combination of capillary flow and no-flow underfill, rapid curing, fast flowing liquid epoxy which can be used as a underfill for chip scale package, ball grid array devices, package on package and land grid array and some flip chip applications . It is also suitable for bare chip protection in a variety of advanced packages such as memory cards, chip carriers, hybrid circuits and multi-chip modules. It is environmentally friendly and designed for high production where process speed and reliability are the key concerns.

Several products are available in the series, each is formulated to meet specific product design parameters. SMT 88 Series underfills are adhesives which can be underfilled at room temperature without preheating a substrate. After cure, the underfills are void free. WL 125 is a pre-applied wafer-level underfill, which is designed for wafer-to-wafer, chip to wafer, chip to chip and chip to substrate application, particularly for 3-10µ bumped wafer. All products in this series provide a perfect solution for customers looking to strengthen the underfilling process in a 100% reworkable manner.

ProductProduct ApplicationCuring Temp. (°C)
SMT 158B2Capillary underfill120-165
SMT 158UFast flow capillary underfill120-165
SMT 158D8Conductive diamond filled capillary underfill120-165
SMT 158AConductive capillary underfill120-165
SMT 158NNon-flow capillary underfill120-165
SMT 158EN/NNDam and fill encapsulant150-175
SMT 160Fluxing underfill220-260
SMT 158HASlow cure capillary underfill150-165
SMT 158LA1Slow cure capillary underfill150-165
SMT 88UHFast, room temperature flow capillary underfill120-150
SMT 88ULFast, room temperature flow capillary underfill120-150
WL 125Wafer level underfill120-150
WL 125FWafer level underfill120-150
ACP 158Anisotropic conductive underfill120-165

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