YINCAE’s ACP 120 series is an excellent option for customers looking for an anti- oxidation coating for solderable and metal surfaces such as zinc, nickel, steel, aluminum and more. Features include excellent anti-oxidation performance and adhesion, excellent anti-corrosion and anti-rusting, high thermal resistance, room temperature drying and easy rework when wet. Some highlights are:

Eliminates Gold Plating Process
Low Cost Ownership
Environmentally Friendly
High Throughput
Reworkable Process
Large Process Window

ACP 120 can be customized to meet customer requirements.

Our WL 66 series are UV curable optical lid attachment adhesives designed for wafer level lens and optical lens attachment. They provide a bubble free optical coverage, high moisture resistance and high temperature resistance. The product also remains transparent and does not yellow.

ProductProduct ApplicationCuring Conditions
ACP 120Nanofilm -gold replacementRT
ACP 158HAnisotropic conductive adhesive150°C
ACP 158LAnisotropic conductive adhesive150°C
SMT 256TTransparent solder joint encapsulant230 -260°C
WCP 45Wafer protection coatingRT
WL 66CWafer level optical lens attachment adhesiveUV
WL 66HWafer level die attach adhesive100°c
WL 66LWafer level optical lens attachment adhesiveUV
WL 660Wafer level optical lens attachment adhesiveUV
WL 125Wafer level underfillThermal/TCB
WL 125FWafer level underfillThermal/TCB
WTA 60Temporary bonding adhesiveRT

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