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Wafer Level Materials


•What underfill materials can be used for wafer level applications?

YINCAE WL 125 series wafer level underfills



•What die attach adhesive materials can be used for wafer level applications?

YINCAE WL 66H is designed for wafer level die attach applications



•Does YINCAE offer wafer level lens or optical lens attachment materials?

Yes, YINCAE offers WL 66C, WL 66L, and WL 66O



•Are the WL 66 C / L / O materials thermal or UV curable?

Both, these products are generally cured using UV for fast fixing purposes and then thermally cured for high reliability.



•What are the advantages of YINCAE wafer level lens and optical lens attachment materials?

1. High throughput and process yield

2. High reliability

3. Non – Yellowing



•What is WTA 60 used for?

WTA 60 is a temporary bonding adhesive designed for thin wafer protection. WTA 60 prevents damage to wafers during standard semiconductor equipment processing. It is removed using YINCEA WTR 50.



•What is WCP 45 used for?

WCP 45 is an aqueous polymer coating designed to protect wafers during laser dicing, drilling, and grooving procedures. It can easily be removed using D.I. water at room temperature.



•What is ACP 120 used for?

ACP 120 is a nano film designed as a low-cost alternative to gold coatings currently used on pins.



•Does YINCAE offer a conductive wafer level adhesive?

Yes, ACP 158 is an anisotropic conductive adhesive designed for wafer level applications.



•There are four products in the WL 66 Series, what are the differences?

WL 66 C / L / O all have different viscosities and are intended for the same purpose: wafer level lens and optical lens attachment materials. WL 66H is designed for wafer level die attach applications



•Are the products shown on your wafer level tree the only materials available in this category?

We have many more options. The products shown on the tree are our most popular materials. Please contact us if you are looking for a material with specific properties.



•Is more information (i.e. TDS, additional material options, brochures…) regarding YINCAE wafer level materials available?

Yes, please contact us for additional information.














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